5 things you need to know this week: Twitter hack threatens US national security

Every Monday morning, t3n editor-in-chief Luca Caracciolo reports on five things that are important at the start of the week. This time the topics include a Twitter hack, the privacy shield agreement, Apple’s AR glasses and the question of why really good employees really quit.


You’re used to a lot from Elon Musk. Not infrequently, the Tesla boss tweets provocative things that sometimes influence the company’s stock market price. However, he is not to blame for the latest tweets: Hackers have not only taken over his account temporarily. Other celebrities like Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Gates were also affected.

The attackers used the accounts of the affected persons to send out advertisements for a Bitcoin scam. Just over 100,000 US dollars are said to have been collected.

1st unprecedented Twitter hack shakes up industry

The unprecedented hack shows that social engineering is still a major security risk. According to Twitter, the attackers tricked employees on the network into giving them access to the relevant accounts.

This raises the question of how well Twitter is actually secured internally when individual employees can access accounts with millions of followers. The Bitcoin scam was relatively harmless then.

But what if countries like Russia or Iran gain access to such accounts? What if Joe Biden’s hacked account makes a voting recommendation for Trump shortly before the election? No wonder the US Senate is interested in the process.

Second European Court of Justice overturns privacy shield agreement

It is a battle that the Austrian data protection expert Max Schrems has been fighting for years – and once again he has been successful. After the European Court of Justice had already overturned the Safe Harbor Agreement in 2015, the successor agreement “Privacy Shield” has now been declared invalid. The agreement regulates the protection of personal data transferred from the EU to the USA. You can read what the ruling means for companies here.

3rd VW replaces new head of software

He has only been in office for two weeks, now he has to leave already: Christian Senger, head of the software division at VW, is said to have fallen out with too many players in the company – including the very powerful works council. Obviously the race to catch up with Tesla, which VW has proclaimed, is leaving its mark. The background information can be found here.

4. lenses of Apple’s AR-glasses allegedly already in test production

Augmented Reality is regarded as an important future technology – but more than simple smartphone AR has not yet reached consumers. A genuine pair of AR glasses for the mass market that looks good and is easy to use is still missing. But Apple is working on changing that. Apparently the company has already started test production of the lenses, and the device could appear next year at the earliest.

5 Why really good employees really quit

Losing them is a great loss for any employer: good employees. But what are actually the most important reasons for them to leave?

Our career editor Andreas Weck shows that it’s not always just about money, in an interview with the expert Karin Volbracht.